Cannabis Users

Life Insurance for Cannabis Users

Some insurance carriers have wised up and now realize that cannabis can actually be healthy when appropriately used. Yes life insurance for Cannabis Previously is not possible.

Previously, when THC was detected in the blood work, or the applicant admitted to using cannabis, the insurance applicant would automatically be rejected. Now some insurance carriers are approving cannabis users as standard or even preferred risks. Not every insurance company shares this view and not every applicant would be approved.

Most insurance companies prefer that the applicant uses cannabis three or fewer times per week. In other words, seriously stoned pot heads need not apply. But the casual cannabis user is now welcomed. It is expected that insurance companies’ acceptance of cannabis will grow over time.  This is your call to action. Don’t you owe it to your loved ones to see if you too can qualify for this critical protection?

Go to the calendar link below to schedule an appointment with an expert, Curtis Hill. Yes even though your blood test may show that you are a Cannabis user, you may be able to obtain life insurance to protect your family or for retirement cash flow purposes. Learn how “Not the same old advice” can benefit you.