Books By Curtis Hill

Curtis Hill takes the mystery out of insurance and investment in his two books, The Financial Blind Side and The Wealth Conspiracy. Written for you, the average investor, these books layout simple strategies for improving your wealth while explaining many of the underlying misconceptions that hold you back. In these books, you’ll learn to:

Personal finance books that chalenge tipical investment norms

  • Dig through the avalanche of financial marketing
  • Expose the history of poor ethics of big financial firms
  • Identify how most annuities buyers have been deceived
  • Shelter from the tax time bomb Wall Street purposely ignores
  • Protect yourself from investment risks and volatility
  • Survive and thrive through the next financial disaster
  • Learn how tax-deferral can put you at a disadvantage
  • Differentiate between building wealth and retirement planning
  • Discover how 529 college saving plan can increase college cost

The Financial Blind Side

It’s time to take control of your money!

Have you bought into Wall Street’s marketing propaganda? Is your financial planner’s bias limiting your wealth? Are you paying fees on money that doesn’t even belong to you?

Market volatility isn’t going away. Higher tax rates are coming no matter what politicians say. It’s time to break away from the status quo of outdated financial advice. Build real wealth and protect your family’s assets against future tax hikes. Don’t be blinded by shiny Wall Street promises! Learn financial tips the big firms don’t want you to know from an expert with over 25 years of insider experience.

The Wealth Conspiracy

Exposing the Wealth Conspiracy

Wall Street has bombarded us for decades with marketing propaganda. Glittery ads and seemingly sage advice steer investors toward medicocre investments. It’s time to take control of your money. The Wealth Conspiracy reveals how advice from the financial industry is designed to baffle you into poor investments with higher fees.

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