Investment Solutions for All Stages of Life

Asset Protection

​Retirement doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop growing.  Same holds true for your money.  It should mean, however, that it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risk. 

We specialize in helping retirees protect their retirement assets while continuing to move forward.

Family Legacy Planning

Many of our clients want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren and are shocked to learn how easy it is to double, even triple their inheritance – TAX-FREE AND GUARANTEED!

We also work with our clients and help them embrace their own mortality and be prepared for the loss of a spouse and the income burdens this can often create.          

529 Plans and preparing for College expanse

529 plans may not be your best method for paying for college expenses. In fact, such plans may substantially increase your cost of college. Read more about the effects of 529 on your expected family contribution for college expenses.

Pension Election Dilemma

If you are lucky enough to have a pension from your current or previous job, you are probably going to need to make an election whether the pension should be for the employee’s life or for the employee’s plus spouses life. This is an important decision that is not as obvious as it appears. Please read more about this topic.

Rollovers and the Tax-Deferral Deception

We have likely been encouraged to delay taxes by using tax-deferred investments like IRA, 401(k)s and similar investments. However, what is often ignored or dismissed is the large tax liability you are creating for your retirement years–the retirement tax bomb your are creating. Let’s examine who really benefits from you delaying your taxes.

Zero Taxes in Retirement

Many retirees are exclusively depending on their pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and other tax-deferred plans to pay retirement expenses. But they may not have realized how high the taxes would be on these now fully taxable withdrawals. There are plans that allow for tax-free cash flow in retirement. Learn how to diversify your taxes in retirement.

Long-Term Care/Extended Care Solutions

Long-term care/extended care costs have gone up substantially in the last 10 years.  Unfortunately, the statistics are not in our favor, a plan to address these costs should be included in every retirement strategy.

The good news is we work with hybrid insurance plans that leverage your dollar in case you need it for extended care, but remain 100% accessible for withdrawal if you don’t.    

Retirement Income

Creating an income plan to last throughout retirement is perhaps the single most important challenge retirees will face.  It’s very likely to spend 30 years or more living in retirement without earned income.

We create a customized retirement income plan, encompassing all sources of income, for each one of our clients and no two plans are exactly alike.  Let us get to work on a plan for you.

Alternative Investments

We help our clients understand the need for investments that do not follow the stock market, avoid the frequent volatility of the stock market, attempt to avoid the frequent stock market declines but instead follows a different path. Alternative investments may sometimes be suitable for risk adverse investors.

Life Insurance

We can provide a whole range of life insurance options for our customers, including:

  • Low cost term life insurance
  • Guarantee Universal Life
  • Cash Accumulating for Retirement
  • Whole life
  • Index Universal life

We can provide a whole range of life insurance options for our customers, including Low cost term life insurance, Guarantee Universal Life, Cash Accumulating Life, Whole Life, and Index Universal Life.

Specialty Life Insurance

Special circumstances require a special touch. We have sources of life insurance solutions for people who: 

  • are HIV positive
  • smoke cigars
  • are cannabis users
  • are living abroad
  • are foreign nationals

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